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Thu, January 11, 2007
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The basic rules are as follows:
Note : the single quotes in the examples below are so you know what the search string is. Do not type them in.

  • Searches are case-insensitive
  • A string of words is considered a phrase
    • That means typing in 'golf course' will not find a page containing the phrase golf club.
  • To search for several different words, separate them with commas
    • Example : 'golf, sports, recreation'
  • Type 'and', 'or' or 'near' between words to specify their respective functions
    • Example : 'food and drink' will only return pages that contain both words
    • Example : 'food or drink' will return pages that contain either word
    • Example : 'food near drink' will return pages containing both words if the two words are within 50 words of each other
    • Example : If you actually wanted to search for the phrase "food and drink", you would wrap quotes around it (i.e. ' "food and drink" '). Putting quotes around any phrase will cause the search engine to treat any special words (and, or, near, etc.) as part of the phrase and not control words
  • Type one asterisk after a word to find words with the same prefix
    • Example : 'fly*' will return pages including the words fly, flying, flyer, flywheel, etc.
  • Type two asterisks after a word to find words based on the same stem word
    • Example : 'fly**' will return pages including the words fly, flying, flown, flew, etc.

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